Testimonials From Our Satisfied Landscaping Customers

We appreciate all of our customers and are thrilled when we get testimonials from them. Please read a few of them that are listed below.

Thanks for all your help today! You’ve done a great job for the past year, my neighbors are saying my front yard looks great. Also our back yard had practically no grass, just weeds a year ago, now it looks beautiful and green.
   Andy S.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say our lawn is looking good. It’s amazing to see grass, not weeds! Thank you so much!
   Jody B.

K.S. bought a new home and spent Thousands on landscaping. She bought beautiful mature Hollies and planted them to give a nice buffer between the homes. After 2 1/2 years the Hollies had never grown and were thinning out heavily, turning yellow and in heavy decline. She asked us to come out and see if anything could be done. We recommended just a couple of things and in less than 2 months here is the email that we have received.

After 2 1/2 years of no growth and heavy decline we were able to get the shrubs dark green and growing in less than 2 months! I am THRILLED with how much my hollies have progressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of the trees have actually grown so much that they are actually touching each other now. THANK YOU! I am forwarding your information on to my neighborhood.

Van M. took a different approach and totally passed on the builder’s landscaping package. After some initial frustration doing it themselves, they asked us to help them get better results.

After moving into our new neighborhood and passing on the builders basic landscape package of fescue and bushes, we opted to spend a little more money, for a little more landscape and upgrade the grass to zoysia. Unfortunately, the grass did not make it past the first year. After replanting another batch of zoysia, we were on pins and needles because it was not coming in as expected. We had the soil tested and put down what we were told…fertilizer, lime, water, etc. And still average results at best. We tried some of the companies that spray your yard but received about the same results, average and the communication did not go very well. Then, we came across Leap Frog Landcare. I made a phone call and appointment with Greg. He came out in the next few days and explained the product and process. It made perfectly good common sense….let’s restore the soils nutrients, so the grass, plants, bushes and trees can flourish in the soil with a natural organic and nutrient rich environment. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Literally, with in the first treatment we began to see results. We started in the early spring of 2011 and by summer the grass had become greener, thicker, and weed free. The plants, bushes and trees responded the same. Our neighbors kept complimenting us on our yard and asking us what we were doing. We kept suggesting to call Greg at Leapfrog Landcare. Greg has been easy to communicate with, kept us in the loop with his treatments and has always given us the time with any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend having Greg come out to discuss what Leapfrog Landcare can do for you and your yard.
   Van M.